The first lock on the Naviglio di Bereguardo canal

Length: 20,2
Ground: mixed
Difference in level: 25
Interest: Cultural  Naturalistic  
Difficulty: easy
Slope: 4%



This trail connects the agricultural land, crossed by the Naviglio di Bereguardo canal, to the River Ticino valley.
The Naviglio di Bereguardo is an artificial canal which was started in 1420. It connects the Naviglio Grande canal at Castelletto di Abbiategrasso, flowing southwards towards Bereguardo, where it rejoins the River Ticino.
The trail runs along this canal which, until 1819, was the only way to reach the sea from Milan. From the River Po, goods travelled up the Ticino and arrived in Milan. All kinds of goods were transported along the Padania plains, from salt to materials, spices, glass from Murano, cereals and cheeses.
You will arrive as far as Fallavecchia, an unusual agricultural settlement which has all the typical characteristics of a Lombard farm, but in actual fact surrounds a small town. You will then carry on towards the countryside, crops and canals, entering an agricultural world which has all but disappeared but still lives on here, finally arriving at Morimondo Abbey.
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