Trails of History and Waterways: Travacò Siccomario, along Ticino, towards Po

Length: 19,1
Ground: mixed
Difference in level: 20
Interest: Naturalistic  
Difficulty: easy
Slope: 1%



Beginning from the ancient port on the embankment, which sees the entrance of Borgo Ticino and in the natural park of Ticino, is a journey down the river to explore the territory of Travacò – Siccomario.  The path of Siccomario runs through the embankment on the right of the Ticino. Along the way, punctuated by an old brick embankment, follows the wonderful natural landscapes with a typical rustic covering.  Expanses of poplar trees, vineyards, farmlands and houses are things that characterize the countryside of the Po valley.

Near the joining point with the Po, river Ticino extends to the Great Forest Travacò – Siccomario, a large reforestation project commissioned by the Region of Lombardy. The forest is considered a small ecological oasis with its particular characteristics and nature favors that develop the existence of flora and fauna in the typical river habitat.  Among poplars, oaks and locust trees are hares and pheasants, while in the more watery areasare willows and alders and lastly, along the floodplain are magnificent and rare species of herons and aquatic turtles.

Along the Ticino, in the direction of Gravellone, an ancient canal that flows into the river, you reach a historical area that has always been dedicated to agriculture.  Scattered with numerous farm buildings and rural settlements from which you can enjoy breath-taking views of Pavia.

Farms have been inserted in an environmental context in which they are around areas of floodplain, typical of the territories that lie at the confluence of the Po and Ticino.  These are in agricultural fields and woods, alternating banks of shrubs and hedges, interspersed with geometric cultures of hybrid poplar. Many species of birds and small mammals find this to be their ideal retreat.  At the confluence of the two rivers, near the Ponte della Becca, it is possible to fish in the quietness of nature, led by the rushing of the water.

A few steps away from the Po, is the Sanctuary of Novello. Built on a point to protect the land from flooding, and a place to admire the beautiful landscapes, picturesque farms and the surrounding fields.

On clear days the banks of the river are great places where you can contemplate the extension of the plain and the city of Pavia.  The most important buildings, the surrounding countryside crowned by the splendid frame of the Alps and the snow-capped peaks and hills of Oltrepò Pavese.


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