Pavia: Trails, Forest and Nature Reserves

Length: 13,1
Ground: mixed
Difference in level: 20
Interest: Naturalistic  
Difficulty: easy
Slope: 1%



Through the door on the bank, across the Covered Bridge, the ancient fortification of Pavia, you reach Borgo Ticino.  A small and picturesque medieval quarter where it seems like time has stopped.  It is linked in a particular way to the river, as if time flows at a different pace.  Narrow streets, typical restaurants, small houses along the riverbank and old houses are just a few things seen as the heart and soul of the village.  They are found to be only a short distance from the riverbank.

Heading towards the northeast, past the village, in the direction opposite to the confluence of the Po and the Ticino, you can continue to discover the area and the luscious Ticino Park.  Within certain nature reserves, such as the Oasis Bosco Negri and the Bosco Grande you can see the lush vegetation where in Roman times, covered most of the Po Valley.  It helped in the repopulation of the area by many species of vegetation and wildlife typical of fluvial environments.

The Natural Reserve of the Bosco Negri is seen near the channel Gravellone, extending between the suburbs of the city and farmland, over 34 hectares wide.  This area has great significance because of the particular characteristics of the trees.  The trees are an oasis of rest and refuge for many species of wildlife that live there.  These include mammals, hares, squirrels, hedgehogs and many amphibians.  Skilled operators who manage the reserve constantly monitor the ornithofauna.

The Natural Reserve Bosco Grande proceeds along the river embankment and extends about 22 hectares.  It is a natural reserve that is protected by the Park.  It is one of the last examples of lowland forest throughout the Po Valley, and is characterized by tall trees and typical river habitat, such as the oak-hornbeam, and shrubs that include hawthorn, elder and Rose Hips. There are also many species of birds that nest in this area, such as theChaffinch, the Blackcap, the Robin, the Jay, four species of Woodpeckers, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey and Kingfishers.  Mammals such as weasels, the Fauna, the Badger, the Polecat, the Dormouse,Foxes, Hares and Rabbits are species also among these. Inside the forest is a swampy area that is flooded during the months of spring.  Along with the surrounding rice fields, you can see many amphibians, such as the frog Rana Lataste and Agile, the crested newt and the water snake or Grass Snake.

Along the Ticino, you can admire the many views of the city of Pavia.  Framed by the light of the glorious sunsets over the river, you can appreciate the marvelous natural landscapes, vast expanses of vineyards and farmland in which they are immersed.  This creates striking images of the farmsteads.


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